Relive Fyre Fest, The Wildest Scam Of Our Time, With This Netflix Doco Clip

Fyre Festival remains one of the greatest grifts of all time. It was a scam all the way down: Fyre promoted artists like Blink-182 who cancelled just days before their sets, influencers like Kendall Jenner promoted an event they never attended, and punters who did rock up to the Bahaman island for the ‘luxury’ experience were greeted by tents and limp American cheese.

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It was a mess. An expensive mess at that, and a chance for all of us who can’t spend $25,000 to belt out Adam’s Song in the Caribbean to enjoy the perks of not having an extravagant exposable income.

If only there were a way to relive each stage of that disaster without subjecting ourselves to being defrauded…

Yes, Netflix‘s long-awaited FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened will arrive on the streaming platform January 18.

The documentary film from Chris Smith, the fella behind the great Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, promises to delve into the lives of scam genius Billy McFarland and business parter Ja Rule before it all went to shit.

Real life spoiler alert: McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence after he was found guilty of defrauding hapless investors in the festival of $36 million, and he’s still facing a bunch of civil suits filed by attendees who claim they were defrauded.

Expect to get a glimpse of that chaos in a week’s time, friends.