Andy King, Very Dedicated Fyre Fest Man, Is In Talks For His Own TV Show

Andy King

It only makes sense that a man, so dedicated to a sinking ship he was willing to suck dick to save it, is making headlines all around the world. Veteran event producer and Fyre Festival survivor Andy King has been the subject of countless interviews and memes since the Netflix doco graced our tellies. Now, he might be getting his own television show.

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“I had three TV show offers this week, from notable networks,” King told Vanity Fair

“In the old world of TV it was The Carol Burnett Show and these fun, light-hearted shows that weren’t all crime-related,” he shared. “You see the attractiveness of HGTV today. People love Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper. Let’s just say it’s going to be a show about hosting crazy events—what it takes to make them happen. There will be cliff-hangers, and you’ll get to follow me around and see how I pull them off.”

Three different water companies have also approached King, more than impressed by the lengths he would go to for water.

If you haven’t heard the story or would like to relive it…

Customs had detained four 18-wheeler trucks filled with Evian water – the entire supply for the doomed festival. The water would not be released until $175,000 was paid in cash so festival head Billy McFarland called King.

“Billy called and said ‘Andy, we need you to take one big thing for the team’ and I said ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve been taking something for the team every day’ so well, ‘You’re our wonderful gay leader and we need you to go down. Will you… suck… dick to fix this water problem?”

And what did he do?

I literally drove home, took a shower, I drank some mouthwash, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m really – ‘ and I got into my car to drive across the island to take one for the team. And I got to his office, fully prepared to suck his dick.” 

BUT, the man in charge of customs couldn’t have been nicer about it and released the water minus the blowjob.

“Can you imagine? In my 30 years of a career, that this was what I was going to do, I was going to do that – honestly – to save the festival.”


FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is now streaming on Netflix.