Good News Everyone! Futurama Has Been Revived Nearly 10 Years After Getting Cancelled

futurama revived hulu 2023

Hot diggety daffodil! A wonderful transmission has been delivered to us from deep within the Democratic Order of Planets: Futurama has been revived again for an eighth season by the Hulu rulers on Planet Earth.

According to Variety, the OG creators David X. Cohen and Matt Groening are back behind the wheel of the janky Planet Express ship for another run, reportedly dropping off a whole 20 episodes to us starving little slurms sometime in 2023.

A whole heap of actors from the original series have signed on to reprise their roles, including: Billy West (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg), Katey Sagal (Leela), Tress MacNeille (Mom), Maurice LaMarche (Kif), Lauren Tom (Amy), Phil LaMarr (Hermes) and David Herman (Scruffy).

Apparently, the only key cast member that is yet to jump back on board the ship is John DiMaggio who voices Bender, which feels like an extremely Bender move. A source has told Variety that producers are hoping DiMaggio will come back to reprise his role as the shit-talking bending robot but will recast the role if he doesn’t return.

Bender being recast? How can we be sure that it’s not actually just Flexo trying to snake his way in again? I don’t trust it.

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Production has begun on season 8 of Futurama and it should be with us sometime next year.

“I’m thrilled to have another chance to think about the future… or really anything other than the present,” Cohen says of the revival.

Damn straight, give me literally anything to take my brain away from our current planet’s reality which sounds like something beamed over from Dogdoo 7.

“It’s a true honour to announce the triumphant return of Futurama one more time before we get cancelled abruptly again,” Groening says.

By the time the planned revival lands on Earthly televisions (and perhaps transmitted out to Omicron Persei 8), it’ll nearly be a full decade since the last Futurama episode aired. The last time the Planet Express gang graced our screens was a year later, when they visited Springfield in a crossover episode with The Simpsons.

There’s been nothing since then. Radio silence from the depths of the universe, like they’ve collectively fallen backwards into a cryogenic chamber.

We’ll let you know as soon as further transmissions about Futurama being revived are beamed in from deep space, but until then it’s definitely time for a Futurama rewatch over on Disney+.