This Organ Made Entirely Of Discarded Furbies Is A 1990s Nightmare

What do you do in your spare time?

Do you go for long walks? Try out new recipes? Build an organ with furbies as pipes, complete with custom software enabling each toy to respond to commands from a keyboard by producing terrifying (yet on-key) squeals?

UK YouTuber Look Mum No Computer has gone and done the later. Why? We’re unsure.

It’s straight out of a sweaty, incomprehensible ’90s nightmare you might’ve had as a child involving your fave toy, the Furby.

Surprisingly, the collective shrieking of 44 electronic gremlins doesn’t sound as terrible as it should:

At the tail end of the clip, the modern day Frankenstein Geppetto explains that he’d been dreaming of making his outrageous furby organ for the better half of a decade, and it was only possible thanks to his Patreon supporters.

Dream, believe and you can achieve… stuff.