Fugitive Bra Boy On The Run From Police

Jai Abberton, of infamous ‘surf gang’ the ‘Bra Boys, is on the run from police after committing the alleged trifecta of assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and behaving in a generally uncool manner.

Confusingly, the incident occurred AFTER Abberton turned himself in to the Byron Bay cop shop following an argument with his girlfriend that resulted in a smashed up caravan. After declaring “I’ve fucked up and smashed the caravan. I destroyed everything”, the Maroubra gang member went on to rip a phone off the wall and attempt to tear a CCTV camera from its bracket before being tasered repeatedly.

On the up side, the drama could provide fodder for the tired Bra Boys-inspired Home and Away story arc about ‘River Boys’ Casey, Brax and Heath.

Story via The Telegraph.
Words by Tara Kenny.