So, the ‘Angry Birds’ movie just had it’s release over the weekend, to some ~very interesting~ reviews and a $39 million debut. 

But the ‘app x movie’ machine is just beginning to kick into gear – according to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Fruit Ninja’ is also gonna receive it’s own feature film soon. 

The movie, which is being co-produced with Halfbrick Studios, will obviously centre around ninjas who have some kind of personal or professional vendetta against fresh produce. 

Yes, we too are confused. 

‘Fruit Ninja’ Is Getting Its Own Movie Because ‘Angry Birds’ Wasn’t Enough

Like, the game is the #2 highest-selling iOS game of all time, with over 1 billion downloads – but does that mean it’s a good concept for a movie? (No. Not even at all.)

Tripp Vinson will be producing the film under his production company, Vinson Films

Source: THR.

Photo: Fruit Ninja.