Frillneck From Masked Singer Was Just De-Frilled & It Makes Sense That His Voice Was So Perfect

Well the sexy Frillneck that has been getting Urzila Carlson hot under the collar has been revealed and it’s Eddie Perfect.

But alas, Frillneck’s sex appeal wasn’t enough for him to take out the top spot on The Masked Singer.

I think we all saw this coming a mile away. Eddie really was the perfect candidate. He’s a regular on Playschool, he’s the writer/composer behind the stage adaptions of King Kong and Beetlejuice, and he was in one of my favourite Aussie TV shows of all time, Offspring. R.I.P Patrick (if you know, you know.)

To be honest, all the other guesses were just way out of the ball park. I mean Desmund Tutu and John Travolta really? It’s a geck-no from me.

One of the biggest clues that had helped Carlson guess our perfect man was the constant motif of the birds, which she knew because of the tattoos on his forearms. She also mentioned the clue “I put words in Kylie‘s mouth,” because he wrote the words for a Kylie Aussie tourism ad.

Some of the trickier ones that caused a bit of confusion were the rainbow flags and Netherlands flag. The rainbow flags represented Perfect’s advocacy for marriage equality and the Netherlands flag represented his character in Offspring, Mick Holland. 

For those playing at home, here are all the clues (no-frills):

Clue #1: “I’ve always been a stand-up guy, who hangs with birds of a feather.”

Clue #2: “Under pressure, I can put on a real show.

Clue #3: “I’ve waited a long time to get where I am a lot of work goes on behind the scenes

Clue #4: “I don’t work a 9-5.”

Clue #5: “I know what it’s like to work and be savaged by those who serve.”

Clue #6:“I love my country and I love it’s history.”

Clue #7: “I just want everyone to get a sporting chance, but knocking down tall poppies can be fun too.”

Clue #8: “I’m known for my strong opinions and when I have something to say, you’ll know it.”

Clue #9: “In life you never know what the right move is, so I like to take risks. They don’t always pay off but no pain, no gain. “

Clue #10: “And remember, your critics aren’t always right and that’s why sometimes you have to ignore the rules.

Clue #11: It’s easy to be judged in our society but it’s also fun to love a larrikin.”

Clue #12: “I’m not always recognised and people don’t always believe I am who I say I am.”

Clue #13: “I don’t care what Miley Cyrus thinks.”

Clue #14: What you don’t know about me would fill a book, maybe I’ll write that book, I love to tell an Australian story, or maybe not.

Clue #15: What I do is very diverse, some of it would scare your socks off, it’s hair raising. But I don’t want you to think of me as a monster.

Clue #16: I just believe you need to go big or go home.

Clue #17: Most of my life I’ve worked with others, but sometimes you have to go out on your own before the horned lady sings.

Clue #18: Im rock and roll and so much more.

Clue #19: I know I have anger management issues but im protective of my babies. Each and every one had a difficult birth.

Clue #20: I don’t love one dolly more than any other.

Clue #21: I’m not seen as the literary type, but when you turn things around everything is surprising in the middle.

Clue #22: I’m patriotic. Even success around the world won’t stop me from coming home.

Clue # 23: Where am I from? A frill-neck is Aussie-as.But my name tells you something else…

Clue # 24: The clogs… ..put a spring in my step.

Clue # 25: My interests are unusual. I’m a huge fan of the eighth wonder of the world. And 1930s skyscrapers.

Clue # 26: I love to create new things. I want them to be without error. My performances on The Masked Singer have been faultless.

Clue #27: It’s been a long time singe I walked in public

Clue #28 The Frillneck is brash, cocky and unapologetic. So am I.

Clue #29 Now I know Frillneck still exists somewhere deep inside me. And I’m ready to unleash the frill one more time.