16 Sneaky Friends References & Easter Eggs That Even Die-Hard Fans Missed In The Reunion Trailer

The Friends reunion trailer dropped yesterday and honestly, it’s my lobster. Like, I wanna marry it. I wanna write it 18 pages of lovely, poetic words, FRONT AND BACK.

I’ve watched it a billion times now and each time, I spot a new Easter egg so I figured it was worth pulling together a yarn with all the Friends references and exciting tidbits that ya may have missed.

I haven’t included sets because that stuff is obvious, these are references and throwbacks in the trailer to actual Friends moments or cheeky items that you may not have picked up on…



The trailer begins with our fave friends playing the iconique game that determined who would get the good apartment. The game itself is an obvi one, but what I love is that the actors even recreated the energy and movements that they portrayed in the original scene.

First up, they sit in the exact order that they were sitting (with the inclusion of Phoebe as both the character and Lisa Kudrow were busy giving birth at the time).

But also Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) excitedly jumps up and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) screams his answers excitedly like they both did in the original. It’s as if they were battling over apartments once again (only this time, it would be their huge-ass mansions).

18 pages (FRONT AND BACK)


Another obvi one, but I gotta whack it in anyway, ya know?

The first question in the game is a reference to the lengthy letter that Rachel wrote Ross (David Schwimmer) and gave to him to decide whether or not he could accept full responsibility for sleeping with someone while they were on a break (spoiler: this will come up again later).

The tissues

Okay, this could just be my freaky Friends brain reading too much into it, but when Jennifer Aniston enters the set, she ponders where the tissue box is, much like her character Rachel did on the day of Monica’s (Courteney Cox) wedding when Chandler (Matthew Perry) went missing.

Remember? And Phoebe kept pulling the same tissue out of the toot garbage bin to give to her?

Skip to 2:40 and you’ll see what I mean:


The lounges and Hugsy

There’s an epic throwback to the lads kicking back in their lounge and making orgasmic noises and this scene is a two-for one ‘cos LOOK! HUGSY! (a.k.a. Joey’s beloved penguin friend)

J*mes C*rden

So yeah, James Corden is in it and I have feelings about it… You can read my thoughts on that here, I don’t wanna burden this piece with too much negativity. Next!

We were on a break

J*mes C*rden brings up the ‘Were they on a break?’ debate and, like in the original, the friends are divided and take different sides. Ooooooh.


Lisa Kudrow doesn’t just read the lines from the ep where everyone found out about Monica and Chandler hooking up, she does the exact same tone and hand gestures. Pure magic.

Chandler doesn’t cry

Much like how Chandler couldn’t cry in the series, Matthew Perry also admits that he’s FINALLY crying.

I wonder if the eventual tears opened up a floodgate, like it did in the ep?


Cara Delevingne in Rachel’s Little Bo Peep bridesmaid dress

So that’s obviously Rachel’s bridesmaid dress from that dumb wedding, but it took me several watches to realise that model Cara Delevingne is wearing it!

The Holiday Armadillo

Okay so if Cara D is wearing the bridesmaid dress, I bet that’s another celeb wearing Ross’ Holiday Armadillo lewk!

But whom? David Beckham? Justin Bieber? Lady Gaga? Time will tell…

Tom Selleck (a.k.a Richard)

Finally, a relevant guest star: Tom Selleck, who played Monica’s BF Dr. Richard Burke.

And Maggie Wheeler (a.k.a. Janice)

And she even says her iconique “OH MY GOD” line, so it’s a two for one spesh.

Smelly Cat

Lisa Kudrow whips out her guitar for a coffeehouse comeback performance of ‘Smelly Cat’.

Joey’s hand twin

And finally, remember when Joey gets a job in Las Vegas and he meets his hand twin at the casino?

Well, yep, they’ve brought the bloke back for some kind of perverse hand show. I mean, why not?

And dassit! Well, it’s all I spotted, at least. HMU if you spot more, I’d genuinely love to know.

The Friends reunion trailer also revealed that the show will be dropping on HBO Max on May 27 and I have no idea what that means for us, considering we don’t get HBO Max here in Australia, but I’m sure it’ll probs be on Binge or Foxtel or something. Stay tuned for how to watch the Friends reunion in Australia.