Jennifer Aniston has spilled the tea on a certainly Friends guest star who was an absolute jackass and it’s spicy as hell.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, the actress said “it was as if they were just too above this… to be on a sitcom.”

She recalled how the network and producers would laugh during a network run-through, and apparently the unnamed bloke took issue with this.

“This person was like, ‘Listen to them, just laughing at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny,'” she reenacted. “It was just like, ‘What are you doing here? Your attitude—this is not what we’re all about.'”

She added, “This is a wonderful, warm place to be, and you’re coming into our home and just shitting on it.”

But the unfortunate guest star eventually checked himself and apologised, she recalled.

“The funny thing is that male did apologise about their behaviour years later,” she remembered, “and just said, ‘I was just so nervous, to be honest, that I wasn’t on my best behaviour.'”

She gave absolutely no clues as to who it was, but she did say who it wasn’t: and that’s Tom Selleck (who played Monica’s BF Richard) and Sean Penn (who played Phoebe’s sister’s partner).

Since then, the internet has gone full sleuth mode, trying to figure out who it was.

A sneaky insider wrote in to goss Insta Deuxmoi, revealing that Lisa Kudrow once called out a male guest star who told her “now you’re fuckable” after she put makeup on (what the actual fuck?) and the running theory is that it was either Sean Penn (who we know it defs wasn’t) or Alec Baldwin, who played Phoebe’s chipper BF.

The savage Insta also resurrected an article by Screen Rant that called out Jean-Claude Van Damme, claiming that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox had a “difficult time” working with him on the second season of Friends.

Could be him?

And get this: apparently the reason why Paul Rudd didn’t return for the Friends Reunion was because he has beef with Jennifer Aniston.

An anonymous tipster said a local radio station recently made allegations that Jennifer and Aniston had “a falling out.”

There are waaaaaay too many Friends guest stars that could be suspects, TBH. Can ya narrow down the list at all pls, Jen?

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