Friendlyjordies Explains Why Unions Are Better Than Burgers


Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, they’re either a vital resource protecting the rights of workers and fighting for improved industrial conditions, or they’re a free market-slowing traitorous blight designed by the left to steal money and destroy the country. Y’know, what with those nasty penalty rates and whatnot.
Problem is, though, that not everyone with a job is a paid union member – leaving them without a legal safety net (or, at least, not a cheap or free one) in the event that shit goes south with their employer.
And union fees? They’re pretty cheap, too. About the cost of your average fast food burger, as it turns out.
So Friendlyjordies wants you to decide what’s more important – better pay, higher superannuation, constantly improving conditions, and legal support? Or TWOFERTUESDAYS, STOOGE.

This article would have gone up sooner, but we had to wipe down our screens after doing a literal spit-take at that John Cena theme sting.
A+ as always.