Here’s French-Canadian Scully From The French-Canadian Brooklyn Nine-Nine, That Is All

Here's French-Canadian Scully From The French-Canadian Brooklyn Nine-Nine, That Is All

FUN FRIDAY NIGHT FACT: a French-Canadian version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming out next month, and it is truly something else.

Made in Quebec, Escouade 99 is the first international remake of Nine-Nine, and was officially announced in May of last year.

Fast forward a year and a bit, and we have the trailer courtesy of its distributor, Club Illico. Now, if you’ve watched the original show before – the first episode, at the very least – you’ll understand exactly what’s going on. Don’t even need subtitles.

Have at it.

There is a lot to take in, but I am so unbelievably distracted by French-Canadian Scully, who is bang on.

Also, because high school French can only get me so far, I think most of the French-Canadian characters have different names to their American counterparts. Like, I’m pretty sure I heard ‘Max’, instead of ‘Jake’. Fits, I guess.

Club Illico not only posted the trailer for its version of Nine-Nine, they also shared a couple of character posters too. I mean, you can guess who’s who… kind of.

Although, is that… is that a BALD BOYLE?

The novelty aside, some fans aren’t exactly pleased with the French-Canadian adaptation of the adored series. Why? ‘Cos they’ve Whitewashed the two Latina characters of the show: Amy Santiago, played by Melissa Fumero and Rosa Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz.

One fan commented, per Google translate: “I sincerely hope that this fails and that you will never work on another show again if this is how you adapt shows that mean so much to the Latin community. Unforgivable.”

Another comment, in English, on the trailer is literally just “Wow this is absolute hot garbage”.


I genuinely thought the woman on the left was supposed to be Gina, but the pant suit made me realise that that’s Amy. At least the clothes are pretty spot on.

We’ll have to wait until September 17 – when the series premieres – to hear what the people of Quebec think of the series, but, uh, the comments aren’t exactly encouraging.

You can find the original Brooklyn Nine-Nine (seasons 1 to 6) on Netflix now. There is a seventh season, but Netflix hasn’t gotten around to adding it to its service yet. Give it a couple more months, I reckon.