Frances McDormand’s Oscar Allegedly Stolen At Academy Awards Afterparty

Hello! It’s the morning after the 90th Academy Awards ceremony, and this, right here, is the weirdest story you’ll read about it.

The man accused of briefly stealing Frances McDormand’s Best Actress Oscar was arrested overnight after posting a very strange and potentially incriminating video of the theft to Facebook.

Terry Bryant, 47, allegedly pinched the statuette from McDormand’s table at the Governor’s Ball, the official Academy Awards afterparty.

The alleged thief, who did actually have a ticket to the event, was detained on felony grand theft charges by the Los Angeles Police Department. His bail has been set at US $20,000.

Apparently not content with thrill of it all, Bryant also took to social media show off his, uh, ‘winnings’. The video shows Bryant stunting with the trophy and repeatedly telling nearby partygoers the trophy actually belonged to him.

The New York Times’ Cara Buckley alleged Bryant attempted to flee the scene with his bounty, but was stopped by a photographer who managed to take a handy snap and rescue the trophy. Bryant was soon detained by security, with McDormand apparently asking he be released. Bless.

Regardless, LAPD officers detained Bryant at 11:50pm.

If you thought the theft would get McDormand down, you’re absolutely bloody wrong. According to her representative Simon Halls, the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri star and the statuette “celebrated their reunion with a double cheeseburger from In-N-Out.”

Christ, make a movie just about the afterparty, tbh.