Foxtel Play, the subscription TV service’s basic streaming arm, is culling nineteen channels from its lineup with nary a change to its pricing. 

As of June 5, users of the streaming service can expect to lose access to a gaggle of news channels, as CNN, BBC World News, CNBC, and Eurosport news will be nixed. 

A fair few drama outlets are vanishing too, with BoxSets, 13th Street, Binge, SyFy, and World Movies among the doomed channels. 

Music fans are also somewhat boned, with Smooth, Max, CMC, Foxtel Arts, MTV Music and MTV Dance disappearing.

Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Lifestyle You, and Style round out the list. 

The news was announced in a community forum post. Foxtel’s Nik Kingsman wrote “sadly, we’ll be saying goodbye to some services from Foxtel Play,” but made no mention of amending the service’s ‘pack’ prices to reflect the reduced number of channels.

That drew an equally instant and angry response from commenters.

Foxtel Just Nuked 19 Channels From Play Streaming Service Outta Nowhere

It’s currently unclear why those channels will be disappearing.

FWIW, those channels will remain a part of Foxtel’s regular ol’ cable and satellite service, but many Foxtel Play users access the streaming option due to the unavailability of cable or satellite options. 

Source: Mumbrella.
Photo: AMC.