Big Fucken Shoutout To Flume For Donating $100K To Wildlife Rescue Organisation

Our peach eating king Flume is the latest celebrity to empty his pockets to support those affected by the horrific bushfires that are currently devastating Australia.

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The muso has taken to Instagram to announce that he’s donating $100,000 to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, an organisation dedicated to protecting our furry friends from the bushfires.

“So so so sad. It’s breaking my heart. My home is on fire,” he wrote. “I’m donating $100,000 to @wireswildliferescue to help injured, displaced wildlife.
Please watch my story to find out how you can help @australia.”

Flume’s generous donation follows fellow Aussie star Celeste Barber’s incredible contribution to the cause.

The comedian has helped raised over $30 million for bushfire relief.

Barber said she was “very overwhelmed” by the support, and promised to divvy up the funds in a responsible manner.

“It seems with raising a fucktonne of money comes a fucktonne of people telling you what you should do with it,” Barber wrote on Instagram.

“It’s going to the Rural Fire Service (RFS), and it will be distributed out.

“So I’m going to make sure Victoria gets some, that South Australia gets some, also families of people who have died in these fires, the wildlife – I get it.

“I get it all, I’m hearing you all. Holy crap, I’m hearing you all, and I get it.”