Can We Pls Talk About Flex Mami & Jameela Jamil’s Cute As Fuck Friendship?

Okay look, the world is somewhat of a ridiculous hellscape, I can admit that. Politics, economics, dates that won’t text you back, toasters that will either burn your bread or make no change at all… It’s all dodgy as fuck, and honestly it’s tiring.

But there are some things in this bizarre corner of the universe that make me think that maybe, just maybe, we might be living in the good place after all. One of those things is PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura.

The other is the 10/10 friendship that is going down online between the iconic Jameela Jamil and Australia’s own Flex Mami.

You may know Jameela from her stint playing the snobbish but kind-hearted Tahani Al-Jamil on NBC’s The Good Place, or from her online activism campaigning for body positivity (which we are all for TBH). As for our girl Flex? She’s been taking the world by storm with her music, hosting and all around badassery.

So it’s really fantastic to see these two seriously strong women developing their friendship online – especially coz it means we get a cheeky sneak peek.

Jameela has been commenting on Flex’s Insta pics (and TBH we can hardly blame her, Flex’s ‘gram game is seriously strong), with some of the most supportive, sweet comments – we’re all about it.

Check out the evidence below.

oh man, so cute

I mean, it’s true – she totally is.

Excuse me can we pls be in on this friendship?

hello please notice us too

Honestly though we can’t blame Jameela for being absolutely enamoured with our gal Flex – she’s an absolute queen and we would happily take any opportunity to praise/appreciate/worship the ground she walks on. You know the drill.

Wanna go one step further than even Jameela can? Come check out Flex as she gives a talk about manifestation at PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura.

It’s not witchy (she promises), but it might help you get what you’ve been wanting out of life. And if that so happens to be an Instagram friendship with one of the most iconic stars out there? Well, you know she has experience in that arena.

Hurry up and grab your tickets HERE because frankly we’re all keen to learn how the fuck to manifest all the things we wish we had in our lives (well, the worthwhile things – not crap like getting your dodgy crush to text you back).

In the meantime, pls appreciate the joy that is random celeb friendship and join me in wishing really hard that we could be the third prong of their friendship fork.

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