Flavor Flav Wants You To Know He Wasn’t Kicked In The Face On ‘Eric Andre’

There are two things that Eric Andre loves doing: getting his dick out, and confusing the fuck out of celebrities that agree to go on ‘The Eric Andre Show‘ – and this time he managed to do both!

If you’re not familiar with ‘The Eric Andre Show‘, it’s more or less a talk show, except the host (Eric Andre, duh) just fucking cuts shit up every single goddamn episode. Whether it’s destroying his own set (which happens literally every episode) or just bewildering James Van Der Beek, every episode is delightfully, wonderfully batshit:
While some of the guests are in on the joke, a lot of them aren’t – with many under the impression they are going on a regular talk show. Over the years they’ve used a bunch of tricks to make things as uncomfortable as possible, like turning the heat way up in the studio and removing the stuffing from the chair for the guests.
It seems like Public Enemy hype-man Flavor Flav definitely fell into the latter category, and he was not happy with how the edit of his Eric Andre appearance went, which, uh, might be a little bit understandable if you didn’t know it was going to come out like this:
Apparently a lot of people wanted to know if he really, really got kicked in the face by Hannibal Buress – it would seem he did not:
He expressed some similar thoughts on Twitter:

What a time to be alive.
Photo: Adult Swim.