Can A Fish Expert Please Tell Me Whomst This Plump-Lipped, Denture-Wearing Fish Is?

First and foremost, the fact that you even clicked on this article, proving that you have at least some form of curiosity about a fish with thicc lips and a Colgate smile, is commendable in itself. *Tips hat to you* You have impeccable taste.

You’re also in safe company, as I, too, am fascinated by this diva of a fish. It came into my presence earlier today and, since then, its stunning features haven’t left my undeserving brain.

Twitter user @raff_nasir shared the images earlier this month, alongside the caption ‘her lips are hotter than mine’. It’s since travelled around the web faster than you could say Angelina Jolie, with punters gawking at this slithery sucker’s features. The New York Post called the fish “arousing” which is… an interesting choice of words (but hey, only God herself can judge).

According to National Geographic, it’s a triggerfish, but at this point I simply do not care. All I care about is the fact that this fish has Kylie Jenner lips and an immaculate array of pearly chompers that many would pay thousands for. The other fish could never.

Good evening to sassy diva fish and sassy diva fish only. I would take a bullet for you.