Please Join Us In Enjoying All These First-Ever Online Purchases We Made As Kids

Online shopping, we’re all extremely guilty of it. I’m pretty sure at least half of us have had some kind of mild addiction to eBay at any one point in time, and we’ve all definitely spent some money on something totally ridiculous – especially early on in our internet shopping cart careers. So I asked a bunch of people about their first-ever online purchases, and oh boy did it deliver.

Mine? It’s a long-held shameful secret but the first thing I ever bought online was a D12 bling necklace from eBay. Not sure if Mum even knew I borrowed her credit card for it, or if that’s how I even bought it (???) but I do know that at some point in my teen years of online shopping, I knew those card numbers off by heart. Sorry, Mum.

The necklace/bling looked something like this, and I cherished it (and my ongoing crush on early-00s Eminem.)

first online purchases
Yes, I still know all the lyrics to ‘Purple Pills’.

I took the first of my shameful online purchases to both Twitter and the PEDESTRIAN.TV group chat, and the responses were nothing short of absolutely delightful and kinda alarming.

This Jonas Brothers-themed stuffed dog that came with a dog tag that I wore to school everyday. – Bianca

first online shopping purchases ebay
first online shopping purchases ebay


I have not thought about the dog tag trend since approximately 2003 but it’s suddenly as clear as day in my brain.

I feel the Hot Topic desire deep, deep in my soul.

Oh, Habbo hotel. That one cuts deep.

And this absolute king move by this kid when he was seven.

Everything here, all of these online purchases, more iconic than the last. But my absolute favourite is from my workmate Louie, who bought a fucking huge hand armchair online. Please enjoy this thing in all its splendour.

first online shopping purchases ebay
It’s truly sent me.