First Look At Miranda July’s New Film

Miranda July is a total creative anomaly in that she’s a writer, director, actor, artist and musician who shows no sign of dilettantism or creative reprieve. She is multi-talented, she is prolific and she is good. Her outstanding debut feature film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, managed to imbue poo-related emoticons with wit, and I imagine that would be really hard to do. Her last short story anthology, No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories, paired shocking almost abominable subject matter with humanity and directness and care. Her website is totally baller too. And she’s dating Mike Mills, calls Johanna Fateman her bestie and has written for The New Yorker, The Paris Review and McSweeney’s. In short, if we could be anyone for a day she’d be right at the top of the list next to Yoda and Michael Jordan.

Now, according to Indiewire (via The Playlist) July is readying her sophomore feature film The Future which also stars Hamish Linklater of Fantastic Four.

The Playlist offers the following synopsis: “Sophie (July) and Jason (Linklater), a 30-something couple, live together in their happy, dreamy, hipster-like and poetic world. One day when wandering in a Crafts Bazaar, they buy the portrait of a little girl made by her own father. For reasons almost beyond her own comprehension Sophie begins to stalk and follow the man, polar opposite to her taste, and the deeper her involvement becomes, the more her and Jason’s lives are turned upside down.

Sounds intriguing…We’ll keep you updated as details arise.