First ‘Great Gatsby’ Costume Shots Emerge

Shooting for Baz Luhrman‘s The Great Gatsby is well underway, but as of yet we’ve only seen paparazzi shots of Leo, Tobey and co. mooching around set or checking out cars, rather than in their period piece costumes.

Of course, it was worth the wait. With these snaps we get to see DiCaprio as Gatsby in a dashing white suit as well as some looks at Carey Mulligan‘s outfits in her role as love interest, Daisy. Local actor in the film, Brendan Maclean, recently told Pedestrian that he expects filming to go at least until Christmas, if not longer: “He gets ideas on the run, and when the moment strikes him there is no stopping it,” he said of Luhrman. More snaps for us on the way, then.

We’d love some captions for those last two. Is Leo about to sneeze or did Carey just tell a really bad joke?

View Photos via /Film.