Legendary Aussie drag queen Felicia Foxx has responded to Drag Race Down Under contestant Scarlet Adams‘ apology for culturally inappropriate costumes, including ones that involve blackface. In her response, she calls upon Adams to actually “put in the groundwork with community” and use her platform to educate herself and others.

Last week, Foxx called out RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under’s Perth queen Scarlet Adams in an Instagram post, which contained multiple images of them performing in culturally insensitive attire.

“My people & our culture is not a joke for anyone, especially privileged dominating cultures to make a mockery out of us!!!!” she wrote.

You can read all about the scandal here, which includes multiple receipts of problematic behaviour from Adams.

Although Adams has apologised for her past in two different written notes, which you can view in her Instagram highlight titled “Atonement,” she also recently posted a video asking for forgiveness for her past.

Felicia Foxx has now posted an incredible response to this apology video, demanding that Scarlet Adams put in the actual work to back up her apology.

“I really wanted to speak about it, because it fucking hurts when your culture is being taunted, being disrespected. It hurts,” said Foxx in her video.

“To have that (pics of Scarlet) sent many times by numerous other Indigenous youth, I could only imagine how they felt about having to see those photos that we did see of Scarlet.”

“I have a right to be upset, and I have a right to be speaking out on this.”

In Foxx’s video, she addresses Adams’ numerous apologies, criticising them out for not being enough to repair the damage that her actions have caused.

“For Scarlet… it is not okay to just keep apologising and just keep doing what you’re doing. We don’t want you to get on your live stories and cry around or make highlights on your Instagram. We want you to put in the groundwork, work with us community and educate yourself and your followers,” said Foxx.

“I want you as a drag queen to be educating your followers on what cultural appropriation is. I’m not accepting no apology until you pull your finger out and do the work with community and educate these people who think it’s okay to do what you’re doing.”

“I personally don’t think she should be cancelled from the show. I know people make mistakes and people can grow from their mistakes… she has not yet taken the right steps to make up for her actions.”

At the end of the video, Foxx also challenged Adams to join her on a call and learn from First Nations people and people of colour on how to move forward from this.

You can watch Scarlet Adams’ apology video below, which for legal reasons, I will not be giving my opinion on. (It’s not good)