Federal Parliament Honours Star Wars Day By Nerding Out Over The Prequels

Every Star Wars fan can agree that the prequels represented a thrilling high-point of the series, with a great deal of that cinematic success being attributed to George Lucas’ in-depth analysis of the Galactic Senate. Truly, The Phanton Menace was a masterclass of Sorkin-esque political intrigue, and A New Hope through The Force Awakens somehow lack that special spark.
Fortunately, on this auspicious May the Fourth, our terrestrial representatives have taken a moment to honour Lucas’ vision by engaging in a full-on Twitter lovefest. None other than the Australian House of Representatives’ account started proceedings by pining for an equal to the Galactic Senate, and holy midichlorians, it got nerdy from there.

Then, it happened: a totally forthright and not-at-all sarcastic admission that the Star Wars universe’s political system deserves another look.

Actual props to the House of Reps for coming out with this brave opinion.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be here carrying out our own Order 66 on anybody who prefers Ewoks, lightsabers and Harrison Ford to intergalactic lawmaking.

Source: Australian Senate / Twitter.
Photo: Star Wars / Lucasfilm.