Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s FWAW Cast & Where To Find Them

farmer wants a wife cast

Well howdy partners, Farmer Wants A Wife is back on our screens and it turns out it’s really bloody hard to keep up with a million different storylines. So to make things a little less confusing, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about this season’s cast of eligible farmers and potential wives.

We’ll be recapping the farmer tea after every episode, but if you’re struggling to keep up with each of the five farmers and their four potential wives, here’s a bit of background on them all.

Farmer Alex:

Age: 28.

Location: Cunnamulla, Queensland.

Farms: Sheep and cattle.

What you need to know: He considers himself a love virgin and “cant stress enough” how lonely he is. We stan a relatable king.

Alex’s Potential Wives:

Jessica: @jesswolfee

25 from Victoria, quit her job to be on the show.

Henrietta: @henriettalily_

31 from Queensland, works as a teacher.

Brittany: @brittpyne

34 from New South Wales.

Sarah: @sarah_marshall__

23 from New South Wales.

Farmer Nick:

Age: 44.

Location: Deviot, Tasmania.

Farms: Wine.

What you need to know: He used to live in LA before moving to Tassie to live the dream on his picturesque vineyard.

Nick’s Potential Wives:


38 from New South Wales.

Liz: @liz_jelley

34 from Queensland, works as a wedding celebrant.

Emma: @emmamhayes

33 from Queensland, works as a hair stylist.

Marnie: @marnie.moocow

48 from Queensland.

Farmer Sam:

Age: 27.

Location: Innisfail, Queensland.

Farms: Fruit.

What you need to know: He’s Italian, he’s Italian, he’s Italian, and did he mention he’s Italian?

Sam’s Potential Wives:

Kirsten: @kirsten_lyndon

28 from New South Wales, grew up on a farm.


28 from ACT.


23 from New South Wales.

Emily: @emmrath

24 from Victoria, works in marketing.

Farmer Harry:

Age: 28.

Location: Goolgowi, New South Wales.

Farms: Grape, cotton and sheep.

What you need to know: He reckons he’d make a red hot dad and is looking for “somebody to share these flies with.”

Harry’s Potential Wives:

Stacey: @staceycain_

28 from Victoria.

Ashleigh: @smashleighk

31 from Western Australia, works as a mechanical fitter.

Madison: @madisonmackenziexo

24 from Queensland, works as a dental assistant.

Karlana: @larnsxoxo

24 from Victoria.

Farmer Neil:

Age: 42.

Location: Crookwell, New South Wales.

Farms: Sheep.

What you need to know: He’s a divorcee with three kids but still is best mates with his ex-wife (usually means he’s not a bad dude).

Neil’s Potential Wives:


40 from South Australia.

Karissa: @k_godfrey85

34 from New South Wales

Justine: @justine_adams__

36 from Queensland.

Chantele: @chantele_guyer

32 from New South Wales, works as a farmer.