Farmer Wants A Wife 2025: Meet The 8 New Farmers, And How To Apply To Be Their Potential Bride

Just weeks after the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife wrapped up in a chaotic reunion special, the lightning-quick producers have already cast eight new farmers for the next season of the (increasingly criticised) romance show.

Sure, the last season of drama featuring Farmer Whose-It and Farmer What’s-His-Face may have ended literally last month — but the ratings for Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 were apparently up, so another is already on the way!

Last season fans saw farmers leaving the show early, and other farmers split with their partners as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. The Season 14 cast began with five farmers and then ended with one more.

Now that the hunt for farmers is over, producers are looking for potential love interests to apply for the show’s 2025 season — but more on how to apply for Farmer Wants A Wife Australia later!

So let’s quit the dillydallying and get a good look at next season’s cast of Farmer Wants A Wife why don’t we?

Who are the farmers in Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

Because the show is still in pre-production, we don’t know much about the farmers and what makes them tick. But we do know their names, faces, and a teensy tiny bit about them.

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Only six of the above eight farmers will make it to the show. So congratulations in advance to the two gents that dodge this bullet.

Here’s more on each of these hunky farmers.

Farmer Corey (24)

Farmer Corey is a fourth-generation mung-bean, hay, wheat and cotton farmer who is looking for someone to enter an honest but fun relationship with. Describing himself as a bit of a larrikin, the 24-year-old farmer lives in Biloela, Queensland.

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Farmer Jack (26)

Oberon-based rodeo-rider and winning sportsman, Farmer Jack is a genuine and “go with the flow” cattle farmer looking for loveeee. He loves family, doesn’t take life too seriously, and was in the army for four years.

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Farmer Jack L (26)

The ‘L’ in Farmer Jack L stands for love. Okay, maybe it doesn’t, but once you get to know this straightforward and reliable animal lover, love will be all you can think of. Iconically, Jack L “doesn’t mind a bit of karaoke”, and fancies himself a bit of a musician.

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Farmer Jarrad (21)

Farmer Jarrad is the youngest of this season of Farmer Wants A Wife‘s batch of blokes, aged just 21. Jarrad is a “goofy creative” from Stranthorpe who is looking for someone he can write country love songs about. Cannot wait for Jarrad and Jack L to start a band.

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Farmer Thomas (35)

A wheat, barley and lentil farmer who doesn’t believe in misleading people, Farmer Thomas is as passionate about farming as he is about finding love. One of his favourite songs is “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, so you know he has TASTE.

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Farmer Chooka (25)

Farmer Chooka is a cattle, sheep, and crop farmer from Goornong who loves being involved in his community. His friends would describe him as the life of the party, which is also an important community service and I respect that deeply.

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Farmer Tom M (31)

Sheep farmer Farmer Tom is “spontaneous”, a “bit whacky”, and “willing to give anything a go” — characteristics that no doubt landed him on the Farmer Wants A Wife cast list. Tom loves learning new things, meeting new people, and being kind to all animals.

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Farmer Reidy (29)

A banana and avocado farmer from Mareeba, Farmer Reidy is an energetic, happy, and hard-working individual. He loves the outdoors, and — not that it matters — is also the tallest farmer on this season of the show, standing at 6’5”.

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How to apply for Farmer Wants A Wife 2025

If you are the kind of person who wants to find love with a farmer, and then complain you received a “dodgy edit“, then sign your life away at the application list here, where you can also find out more about each farmer / your potential future husband.

Or just move to a suburb in rural Australia and download Hinge.

Previous seasons of Farmer Wants A Wife can be streamed on demand at 7Plus.