If there’s one fandom you don’t wanna provoke, it’s Harry Potter fans (AKA Potterheads). But that’s exactly what’s happened with the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Crimes Of Grindelwald.

After reviewing the cast list for the movie, which drops this month, fans started cracking it at a serious plot error.

More specifically, they’re pissed about Professor McGonagall featuring in the prequel.


Far from a controversial character (cos everyone froths McGonagall), fans are calling BS on how she’s introduced in the movie.

Confused? Let me explain.

In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, set in the 1990s, Minerva McGonagall reveals she had taught at Hogwarts for “thirty nine years”. If we work backwards, that means she began teaching at Hoggy town around 1956. Yep? Cool.

J.K. Rowling also wrote a McGonagall backstory (available on Pottermore), detailing how MG graduated from Hogwarts with top marks, followed by a brief, two year stint at the Ministry of Magic.

Fans then worked out that McGonagall must have been born in 1935.

BUT in the Crimes of Grindelwald, set in 1927, young McGonagall is portrayed in her mid-30s. The issue? She wouldn’t have even been born in 1927, let alone be in her 30s.

Looks like the production company tried to pull a sneaky one, but fans aren’t having a bar of it.


Affected fans are quick to voice their confusion and disapproval on Twitter:

Some are even calling for JK Rowling herself to ‘please explain’:

Uh oh.

One possible explanation is that the Fantastic Beasts McGonagall is a different McGonagall to the one we know and love, but it’s looking pretty bloody unlikely tbh.

Did we mention the film hasn’t even been released yet? I can’t help wondering how many more plot holes fans will pull up when they see the film in full…

Moral of the story: NEVER try and get something past the Harry Potter fandom because they’ll catch you. End of.

Image: Warner Bros