Let’s make a couple things clear: I’m not sharing this blunder because I have a deep fascination with Canadian game shows (although I’m sure they’re a hoot). Nor am I sharing this blunder because I have a deep adoration for Popeye (although I’m sure he’s a lovely fella). I’m sharing this blunder because I have a deep, twisted sense of schadenfreude and love seeing people confidently fuck up. Enter Eve.

A couple days ago, Eve went up against fellow contestant Logan for a sudden-death, final question in an episode of Family Feud Canada, after neither family attained more than 300 points. The person with the right answer would win the game… and a handy $11k (CA$10k).

The final hurdle: “Name Popeye’s favourite food.”

The result:

I don’t know what’s more incredible: Eve confidently spouting “chickeeEEEeen” whilst doing a little shoulder shimmy number, the Dubois family standing there, frozen, in complete and utter dismay, or Eve’s ‘I done fucked up’ face:

Me after being left on read.

Eve represents that moment of walking into a situation with blind confidence, and subsequently paying the consequences for it. In fact, there’s a bit of her in all of us and, for that, we need to bow down to Eve, our new international treasure and honorary Australian citizen.

We stan a relatable icon.

Image: Twitter / @FamilyFeudCa