Faith is a comic book superhero series by Valiant Comics – the y’huge team behind Archer & Armstrong and the Divinity series.

First appearing on pages back in 1992, Faith tells the story of one Faith Herbert otherwise known as the heroic Zephyr, a fantasy and science-fiction loving teen who has the power of telekinesis and flight on her side.

In other words, Faith’s an absolute badass who can cast protective shields around her friends and manipulate remote devices with her mind. Faith’s also strong enough to levitate her friends and allies into the air to fly along with her. No biggie.

This heroine breaks the mould of typical superhero physiques AKA a million-pack abs and model-thin bodies, a refreshing step forward for diversity and inclusiveness. Although, there is one absolutely classic characteristic to Faith and it’s her current secret identity otherwise known as Summer Smith. 

Summer’s a ~ journalist ~ in Los Angeles who of course wears glasses and a red wig. Some things you can’t run away from.

Faith was also raised by her adorable and loving grandma after her parents were killed in a car accident when she just a little girl.

As per Deadline, the film will be developed by Sony Pictures and written by Maria Melnik, the writer behind Escape Room and the popular American Gods series on Starz network.

This will be the latest superhero venture from Sony Pictures. Earlier this week they announced they’d be taking on Morbius, a character (the Living Vampire) a part of the Spider-Man universe.

Faith and Morbius come as Sony shook on a 5-film deal with Valiant Comics back in 2015.

It’s extremely early days at the moment so there’s no word yet on a release date or the actor stepping into Faith’s role but we’ll keep you updated.

P.S Faith’s also a massive fan of Doctor Who so tick, tick, and tick.

Image: Valiant Comics