Some Fucked Up Stories From Back When You Couldn’t Unsend On FB Messenger

Joyous news landed today – Facebook Messenger has finally added an “unsend” feature to it’s service. This means when you send a message to the wrong person, you can actually unsend it before they cop a squiz. THANK CHRIST.

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In light of this, we asked around for the worst, most cringe-worthy stories where people sent Facebook messages they really, REALLY didn’t want to send – and then couldn’t take back, because once it was out there… it was out there, folks.

Enjoy. Or die inside, either/or.

A friend told me something in total confidence, and being a total asshole I screenshotted it to send to my sister. I tell her everything but in fairness, this person was a mutual friend and I should have just shut my pie hole. Anyway the worst thing was I wound up not just sending the screenshot to the person who sent it, but to AN ENTIRE GROUP CHAT we were both in. I literally had hot and cold flashes, I was so anxious. Thankfully she was forgiving, I don’t think I would have been in that situation. She was basically Mother Theresa. – Ella

I had been chatting to a guy for a few weeks via text. Then finally we went out one night with a few friends, I got white girl wasted, and found him on messenger and just messaged “I’m horny” at 2:30am. We never messaged or texted again. – Georgie

I once sent a long detailed message about “weekend activities” (and by that I mean who I had sex with, how good it was and so on) to a work friend of mine, except instead of sending it to them, I sent it to my boss because their names started with the same 3 letters. And not just my immediate boss – the BIG boss. – Drew

A friend of mine got a message from a guy who really liked her, but she wasn’t keen on that said “just wondering – how come you messaged me after such a long break/silence? Are you looking to rekindle something?”, and then moments later he sent a message saying “haha ignore that, that was my friend”… It was pretty obviously not his friend. Poor guy! He probably regretted both messages pretty hard. – Tara

A while back my long term ex and I were on a break, and although he was telling me how much he missed me and that we’d be back together soon, I was convinced he wasn’t legit and was flirting with a bunch of other girls trying to get laid. At the time I still knew his password, so I sneakily went onto his FB and saw that he’d literally point blank asked a girl over for ‘cuddles’, so I screenshotted it and logged out. I INTENDED to send the screenshot to my best friend to be like “I KNEW IT” except I sent it DIRECTLY TO HIM. Somehow we ended up getting back together a few months later, but it was never gonna last. – Sam

At uni I was working for a small business and the managers (two business partners) were really dysfunctional. They didn’t communicate properly with one another or staff and shifts could be changed within minutes. Due to scheduling confusion on their behalf I ended up at the wrong location. Then one sent the other a Facebook message ripping into me about running late with heaps of angry emojis, only he sent it to me. Since then the business no longer exists and their partnership ended. It was a mess. But I got paid in cash so… – Neil

On my 23rd birthday I was still in the closet, like I mean completely terrified to tell my dad or my mum (or any family members) of my sexual preferences. Anyway, my best friend messaged me, and was like “hey happy birthday! Also how come I can’t post things on your Facebook, or even tag you in events ?” At the time I was in huge rush to get to work, so I go to respond to my best friend, not really paying attention and just wanting to quickly answer her and thank her for sending her wishes. I responded “hey thank you so much for the birthday wishes love you so much! And you probably can’t post anything on my FB because I don’t want my family to know that I go to gay events”. Turns out I actually sent it to my dad… So basically, the day I came out to my dad was on my 23rd birthday by an accidental message that was never meant to go to him. – Bianca

One time I was having a Messenger-fight with a friend, just messaging back and forth arguing – and then he sent me a screenshot of OUR OWN CHAT. He clearly meant to send it to another friend of ours for a bitch. – Joe