Fabio Tells Fantastic Man He’s Moving To Australia

The latest issue of “the gentleman’s style journal” Fantastic Man features an interview with the mononymous icon of masculinity and romance novel covers, Fabio, who – amazingly – looks even more cartoon-like than Roger Ramjet.

The most exciting revelation from the interview is that Fabio and his giant pecs/chin are bound for our home land! According to interviewer William Van Meter, Fabio plans to retire in four years. His goal is to start a family and settle in Australia. By the power of Thor, that’s exciting news.

In the interview Fabio also spoke about his recent breakup with his long term girlfriend, so Australian ladies now is your chance! Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to this:

Until the time comes for him move to Australia for love and baby-making, he will continue to pursue his successful career playing himself in various television commercials (“I can’t believe it’s not butter”, etc) and film projects:

(Isn’t that the movie party boy Corey Worthington is supposed to be in?)

In the interview, Fabio talks about his collection of over 100 motorbikes, as well as a Lamborghini and several other high performance cars – very Cribs worthy; but beneath his tough guy veneer – the face-breaking arms and preference for fast cars and big motors – lies a gentle soul and generous heart: he also has six pure-bred Rottweilers that he saved from animal shelters.

Sing it with me sisters:

Images by Terry Richardson