Expelled Showrunner Dan Harmon Returns To Greendale ‘Community’ College

Exiled Greendale Community College alumnus, Dan Harmon, will be returning to regularly scheduled classes as the reinstated show runner of NBC’s Community.
Harmon confirmed the news overnight with a Tweet intimating that, along with writer/executive producer Chris McKenna, the two would be replacing their replacements David Guarascio and Moses Port [appropriately meta]. 
The latter two were called in to supervise a lacklustre fourth season of the cult sitcom following recurring creative disputes between Harmon and Sony Pictures Television over the writing of the show; Harmon was also involved in a very public falling out with Chevy Chase, noted pariah both on and off Community [also aptly meta].  

To which Gillian Jacobs replied:

You can expect your renewed weekly injection of sphincter jokes midseason 2013-2014.
via THR

Photo: John Shearer via Getty