Excellent Human Chrissy Teigen Tore Piers Morgan A New One On Twitter

Piers Morgan, British media virus and noted shitbag, caused a stir over the weekend when he published a not good, very bad tweet about on Muhammad Ali:

Mmm, yes. Not great, hey, calling the recently-deceased and much-loved Muhammad Ali a racist while the obituary cycle was not yet cold. The people flayed him alive for that one – and Morgan wrote an entire column defending his tweet – but the damage was done and his name was trending.

Morgan, in usual form, responded to the outrage he knowingly instigated with all the emotional intelligence of a 10-year-old who’s been told that making hateful comments is not okay. Or, in this case, a 51-year-old.

(DW Piers, literally no one will do that.)

And here’s where husband + wife team John Legend and Chrissy Teigen jumped in, two in merely hundreds of people who replied: 

Morgan, who if nothing else loves a Twitter fight, fired back, and a war of tweets ensued.

Someone call 000 because we just witnessed a fucking murder.

(BTW the show-down continues, follow along here @chrissyteigen and here @piersmorgan.)

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Instagram / @chrissyteigan.