Evicted Big Brother Housemate Ray Impugns Nomination Process

Last night Ray – the annoyingly energetic pretty boy veterinarian – became the fourth housemate to be ousted from the Big Brother house, saving Angie and Estelle from eviction for another week. After his removal from the compound Ray had some interesting revelations for host Sonia Kruger in his post-eviction debrief. He described fellow housemate Josh, the Dune Rats merch-wearing surfer bro as “the worst wingman ever” because of Josh’s success with the ladies of the house. Ray also controversially claimed the sacred Big Brother nomination booth is NOT completely sound proof – despite Big Bro’s insistence, and that the housemates had been aware of certain nominations because they had overheard them.

He told Sonia, “Let’s just say that chamber wasn’t exactly soundproof.” as Sonia quickly went into damage control, explaining producers had tested it and no sound could escape from its glass confines. Today the Big Brother website posted a message claiming: The Nominations Chamber has been tested over and over again – production staff have even shouted Nominations and still cannot be heard from within the Nominations room. The Chamber is fully soundproof.

It probably isn’t and this is all part of the producers’ master plan to make the housemates turn on each other and turn the compound into the Kumite arena from Bloodsport. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of martial arts, tonight’s intruder Sam looks like he could kick someone’s face in fairly soundly. Unofficially BB gossip blog Behind Big Brother posted photos of the Gold Coast-hailing second intruder to enter the house (Ava was the first).