Ever Wondered What A Pub Full Of Sams Looks Like? Here, Have A Look

ICYMI, everyone whose name started with Sam scored free rides on Uber last week. I don’t think I’d be the only person who cursed their parent’s decision not to name me Sam for the sole purpose of getting amongst such a sublimely awesome situation, but hey, that’s a conversation for another day.

Uber, however, didn’t want their love/praise of Sam-named humans to stop there. No, they beseeched the best party-throwers in town (AKA not-so-humble youth publisher, P.TV) to organise a big ol’ blowout to really shower the Sams of NSW with the admiration they deserve. Bondi‘s Beach Road Hotel was fitted out with all things Sam – we’re talking Sam-themed games, famous Sam quotes and more. Oh, and patrons were even served Sam-themed cocktails (yes, a Samantha Jones Cosmo-esque option was on offer).

So yeah, if you’ve ever wondered what a huge room filled with Sams looks like, then have a look at the gallery below. Hell, even if you haven’t given what a huge room filled with Sams looks like a second thought, it’s still worth scoping out.

Thanks for being you, Sams.