Check Out Some Of The Hottest Events At The 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival

Love a bit of a show? Feel like watching some feats of entertainment to cure the boredom that is everyday life day in, day out? Same, cool. We are one and the same, you and I.

Luckily for we entertainment-seeking folks, the official line-up for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival has dropped and it’s rightfully packed with a sizeable smackering of the world’s best talents across a buncha categories – from comedy and circus to magic and design. Running from 15 February to 17 March, there’s stacks on for you to scope out.

Here’s a select bunch of acts emerging out of the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival that’ll make you seriously shitty if you miss ’em.

And if you’re keen for discounted tix, if you’re a BankSA cardholder you’re able to access all the listed acts for 25% off – yes pls.

Daniel Sloss, X

If you haven’t done yourself the service of watching his Netflix comedy specials, I beseech you to do so at once. They are incredibly insightful, dark and wickedly funny takes on a whole skew of subject matter from death and disability to relationships – the latter of which he is personally responsible for breaking up hundreds.

The Scottish comedian is coming to Australia to roll out his tenth live show, and frankly I cannot recommend it enough – my Christmas present to myself was literally tickets to his show and that’s only partly because I am in love with the accent.

Scope out the details for his show HERE.

Rich Mix

I hope y’all appreciate that it was really hard for me to choose between this and a workshop specifically designed to teach you the dance to Britney Spears’ iconic ‘Toxic’ film clip, but in the end this act pipped it to the post.

It’s got a bit of everything, with dancers from all over the world and Australia performing in styles that show off their physicality and fluidity – seriously, if you’re uncoordinated like me, you’ll be in absolute awe of how these humans are able to control their bodies into looking that natural.

Have a gander for show details HERE.

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10 Things I Hate About The Taming Of The Shrew

If you weren’t madly in love with peak 90s Heath Ledger and wish he’d be your bad boy Patrick Verona forever, then honestly I don’t know what you did with your youth because I’m still secretly hoping that one day a boy will serenade me with a marching band.

BUT IN ANY CASE, this comedy show is all about comedian Gillian English’s take on the iconic film 10 Things I Hate About You (based on the Shakespearean play, The Taming Of The Shrew) and will reportedly take you back to a time of butterfly clips and when taking off your glasses revealed an incredible hotness.

Prepare to be totally whelmed HERE.

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Buffy Kills Edward

Whether your favourite type of vampire is more the blood-sucking Dracula from hell or more the sparkly and smouldering Robert Pattinson-type character, you can’t deny that vampire content has had a comeuppance. Take Twilight and Buffy The Vampire Slayer for example.

In this musical theatre act, Laura Wiley pits the eponymous slayer against the brooding Edward from Twilight in a match up that will have fangirls raging and theatre fans delighting – and really, there’s a lot of crossover in those demographics. It’s now a web series too, but the stakes are higher (ahem) when performed live.

If you’re fanging for tickets, get them HERE.

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Paint & Sip

If you’re anything like me, your confidence in your artistic ability probably increases tenfold once you’ve had a couple of sips of champagne. Whether it’s an utterly unfounded belief that I’m able to dance better than I can, or an innate passion for impressionist art, my self belief skyrockets.

Coming along to a session of Paint & Sip will have you in the same boat, doing everything from abstract images to water lilies and painting your pet – all the while indulging in a spot of drinks with your mates and new friends. Best part is that everything is provided!

Grab a ticket or two HERE.

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So honestly folks, there’s something there for everyone and you can scope out the rest of the acts HERE to see more. Not sure you can afford the tix, even with 25% off?

Fringe Festival punters can get hooked up with $50 in their accounts when they open a new Complete Freedom Account online and deposit $500 within 30 days (by the 7th of March 2019, conditions apply), thanks to BankSA.

So you’ll have a lil’ extra cash to spend – not bad, we say.