Evangeline Lilly Subtly Shaded Armie Hammer In The Insta Announcement For Their New Movie

Imagine being mates with Armie Hammer during these trying times. Couldn’t be me. Couldn’t be Canadian actor Evangeline Lilly, either, judging from a recent Instagram post of hers.

Lilly costars in the upcoming film Crisis alongside Hammer and Gary Oldman.

In a post promoting Crisis, Lilly gushed about the movie and about Oldman. But she made no mention of Hammer, who’s face is right there on the poster.

“I am proud to be a part of a hard-hitting thriller that tackles the issues that surround an industry that profits from addiction (and proud to be in this poster with #GaryOldman)” she wrote.

No mention of being proud to share a poster with #ArmieHammer, huh?

Sure, Oldman is a titan of cinema. But remember the context, people, the context!!

It’s probably a wise move considering the steady stream of revelations about Hammer’s love life that have come to light recently.

From his (alleged) horny cannibal side exposed in DMs and other alleged screenshots showing him wanting to cut off a partner’s toe, to skin carving and an extremely chaotic finsta, Hammer is very much not the kind of person one would want to associate with at the moment.

Even people in the comments picked up on it.

“After you shake hands with Armie better count your fingers,” wrote one person.

Heaps of others basically made the same joke: “Did Armie try to bite you at any point?”

“Sounds like the right movie title with Armie Hammer,” added another person.

Some people were much more blunt about the whole situation: “LMAO NOT ARMIE HAMMER.”

Crisis looks pretty decent if you like thrillers, but the reputation of one of its lead actors might be a bit of unwanted baggage.

Evangeline Lilly, it sounds like you’re in a crisis. I’m on my way.