The Trailer For *Those* Special Episodes Of Euphoria Is Here & Now I Can’t Wait For S2

euphoria trailer

The new Euphoria trailer is here and in absolutely shocking news, I am still very much in love with Zendaya. Who knew?

The beloved show is back in early December for two stand-alone episodes to keep us going between seasons, and by the looks of the trailer, it’s going to be good. Honestly, can every TV show give us in-between season episodes? I love this, I love Euphoria, I love Zendaya, UGH.

HBO dropped a sneaky 50-second clip to tease part one of the two-part series, featuring Rue (Zendaya) struggling with her thoughts in a diner.

“What if we just go to the city?” she asks herself. “What if we just fucking left?”

The trailer comes after HBO confirmed that the first episode in the two-part special will be titled Trouble Don’t Last Always. 

Basically it’ll pick up from the huge cliffhanger they left us on, and hopefully bring us up to speed before Season 2 officially kicks off. Honestly, as long as we still get to look at Zendaya and Aussie legend Jacob Elordi, it’ll be a yes from me.

In addition to the trailer, Zendaya shared a bunch of promo images on social media, stressing that “this is not season 2.”

So it’s not quite Season 2, but it’s also not Season 1, which makes me think these two episodes will be so full of drama that we’ll be in an entirely different situation when Season 2 actually drops.

Euphoria Season 2 is still a world away right now, with filming not even kicking off until early 2021. But in the meantime, at least we’ll get two more episodes to keep us going.

Episode 1, Trouble Don’t Last Always, premieres on December 6, 2020. If you need me that day, don’t.

Euphoria is available for your streaming pleasure on Binge.