Here’s DJ Eric Prydz Having His Soul Ripped Out His Ass By An Aussie Epidemiologist

With the sheer amount of misinformation and outright lies floating around social media right now, you’ve gotta give people a certain level of grace in their various online reactions. That said, if you’re having a (very understandable) freak out about the state of everything right now, it still serves you well to know who you’re teeing off on before trying to give them a gee up. Poor old mate Eric Prydz just found that out the hard way.

Prydz, the Swedish producer who a lot of you as the man behind 2004’s incredibly butt-filled megahit Call On Me, is having a rough time dealing with the deluge of information coming his way regarding various coronavirus management strategies being employed across the globe, and latched onto the rather attractive-sounding but deeply harmful herd immunity policy in a since-deleted tweet.

In the replies, an Australian man posting under the handle @cbskinner01 informed him that that may not be the best information to be putting out into the world.

Prydz, unwisely, took umbrage with the pushback.

It… did not go well.

Bloody hell. The man has a family (probably).

Fair play to Prydz here, you don’t exactly wade into every COVID-19-related Twitter argument expecting to be confronted by a fully-fledged epidemiologist with two degrees in public health. But even still, sometimes you bite the dog and sometimes the dog bites back, or whatever.

The exchange has since been nuked from the timeline – although not before it was screenshotted and preserved because the internet never forgets – and Prydz has since apologised for posting alarmist information.

There’s a lesson to be learned in all of this. Not real sure what it is. Probably something to do with not falling into a bottomless pit of horrible online information in these awful times. Probably.