Sweet Baby Cheeses, Epponee-Rae From ‘Kath & Kim’ Is A TikTok Icon & We Love This For Her

epponnee-rae tiktok

Don’t freak out but somebody on TikTok is claiming to be THE Epponee-Rae from Kath & Kim, which is quite possibly the most iconic thing to hit the platform since that kangaroo that looks like a bouncer.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the show, Epponnee-Raelene (Rae) is the daughter of Brett and Kim Craig, who appeared in seasons 2 and 3 of the iconic Australian sitcom.

But now, more than a decade after she first hit our screens, it looks like Epponnee-Rae could be the next TikTok star.

“When you can’t go out in public because people recognise you from Kath and Kim,” TikTok user @zara.vgh wrote.

@zara.vghall you fellow aussies wya? ##kathandkim ##epponneerae ##fyp♬ Unknown – kittok.21

Basically, the account is claiming to be Australian actress Zara Harrington, who played Epponnee-Rae in the second and third season of the show.

There’s no definitive proof that this actually *is* Epponnee-Rae, because it turns out it’s pretty difficult to track down the details of an infant actor from 2004. But the age seems to check out pretty well and it seems weirdly specific to try to catfish an infant actor from some old early-noughties Kath & Kim episodes, so there’s a pretty solid chance this is actually our bebe Eps.

But what we DO know for sure is that the slightly-older Epponnee-Rae has also turned her former Little Miss Princess Pageant skills into a TikTok career, also referencing her Kath & Kim days in her debut on the platform.

Morghyne de Vries, who played Eps in the Kath & Kimderella movie also shared a throwback on the platform.

@morghyne.devries##greenscreenvideo ##fyp

♬ original sound – kacienichole12

Unfortunately, Kylie Minogue, who also played adult Epponnee-Rae in a one-off season 3 episode is yet to make her TikTok debut.

So there you have it, if you’re a child actor on an Aussie sitcom, you’ll probably at least end up with a semi-viral TikTok to show for it a decade later.