A 27-year-old British social media gun at Spotify has just blown Twitter‘s goddamn mind. 

One week ago, when our tales begins, Richard Cook had about 600 followers. Now he has almost 1000, and boy does he deserve them. Every last one. For this young gent, whose hobbies include poetry and shit-stirring brands on Facebook, just planned and executed one of the best Twitter-based jokes we’ve seen in ages. 

In all started innocuously, with a tweet about the Queen‘s payrise, and how, y’know, it’s dumb. Cook continued tweeting, a few times a day, all fairly innocuous Twitter shit-talk. Nothing that got a lot of reach, nothing outstanding, just some politics gabble, pics of himself and pop culture opinions. 

But then today, the proverbial penny dropped:  

And so we did.


Oh, it’s happening. For real. Right now.

A bloody masterpiece that is. 

Source & Photo: Richard Cook / Twitter.