RDJ Shared Unseen Footage From ‘Endgame’ And Fans Want It In The Film

Robert Downey Jr. has shared some behind-the-scenes footage from Avengers: Endgame, giving a new perspective to one of the film’s most climactic scenes – along with a gentle smooch which was omitted from the finished product.

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Taking to Instagram, RDJ revealed what the set looked like when Iron Man was reunited with his impish protégé Spider-Man (Tom Holland) during Endgame‘s final battle.

Through piles of debris and before a mammoth green screen, the stars embraced for their big reunion. Old mate then gave Holland a little peck on the cheek.

Fans have expressed their appreciation for the paternal affection displayed in the clip, but have also wondered why that little moment didn’t make its way into the film’s final cut.


Unfortunately for those fans, it is unlikely the peck will emerge in Blu-Ray and digital releases of the film.

Speaking to Collider about the prospect of a director’s cut adding even more footage to Endgame‘s three-hour runtime, co-director Joe Russo said “We have almost everything in this movie that we shot,” adding “I think [the first cut] was slightly shorter than this.”

That doesn’t mean the stars themselves haven’t shared glimpses.

Late last month, Chris Pratt shared a very sneaky bit of footage showing just about every major Marvel hero gallivanting before that goliath green screen – including Holland and Downey Jr., who may well have been discussing their scene together.