The cooking shows have finally won.

Big Brother Australia, the reality phenomenon that the nation has tolerated on and off for more than a decade, won’t be returning this year, with reports that the Gold Coast house where the series is filmed is being dismantled. 


Channel Nine currently hold the rights to the show, but per a post on the This Is Big Brother forums, programming and production chief Andrew Backwell says that it’s not likely to be back any time soon.

“We have no plans to bring it back at this stage, it is however still in consideration so we are certainly not ruling it out,” he said. “We also believe it would work brilliantly on GO but we need to work through a business case to see if the investment was viable.”

It is believed that there were plans for another Celebrity Big Brother at one point, but in a rare show of restraint, they were scrapped after Ten’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here was announced.  

Big Brother Australia ran from 2001-2008 on Ten, and then again from 2012-2014 on Nine. Theoretically, Seven could pick the franchise up, but it is believed that there is no interest from any other network at this point. 

Ratings for the show have been low, with the last season averaging just 650,000 viewers, way down from the 1.4 million who reportedly tuned in for the first season, in the more innocent time of 2001.

Those who live for the odd, blurry screengrab of a stray boob or peen in the shower will now need to find a different outlet for that particular fetish. Our condolences, perves.

via This Is Big Brother