“Emotional Hijacker” Tully Evicted From Big Brother

Overdramatic, teary, moody, emotional hijacker, straight-up unhinged – Big Brother‘s latest evictee Tully Smythe was called a lot of things, but unentertaining was never one of them. Boasting one of those divisive personalities that leads to an “I Hate [Insert Personality Who Won’t Matter In Six Months Time]” Facebook page with more than 65 thousand likes, the 25-year-old social media strategist caused a stir when her relationship with male housemate Drew developed into L-bombs being dropped and under-the-bedcovers canoodling – all while she was supposedly in a long-term lesbian relationship outside the house. #Scandalous!

Her outside girlfriend Tahlia announced that she was dumped over Twitter – but of course, Tully had no access to Twitter while in the house, so was unaware until she was evicted from the house last night. #DoubleScandalous!

Host Sonia Kruger didn’t break the news to Tully that she was now officially single (not that she’d seemed bothered by labels like “single” or “in a relationship” or “fucking mental” while in the house), leaving it to the BB’s professional psychologists to tell her that she’ll need to change her relationship status.

Big Brother edged out the other big Monday night “Why Am I Watching This?” vote count-based television event, rating higher (but only just) than the Brownlow Medal ceremony.