Someone Just Fkn Proposed On Stage At The Emmys & All The Celebs Lost Their Shit

I normally fucking hate on-stage proposals. They’re tacky, right? Like just do your cutesy romantic thing in private, we a) don’t give a shit and b) don’t need to witness your personal love-fest. Not to mention I always feel for the proposee, who canNOT refuse the ring, right? Imagine if you did. The public humiliation your partner would (kind of deservedly) endure, my lord.

[jwplayer RfLMYyUD]

But then, on rare occasions, an on-stage proposal is, well, kind of fucking cute. REALLY cute, in fact. Tear-jerkingly so, if you will. Like this 2018 Emmys proposal that *just* happened.

Basically, Glenn Weiss took the gong for outstanding direction for a variety special, as he directed the Oscars this year. Pretty boring award, right? NOT WHEN YOU GET UP AND MAKE AN EMOTIONAL SPEECH AND THEN PROPOSE, MATE.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Glenn told the crowd that his mum had died two weeks ago, before explaining how she always loved his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen. Then, the moment happened.

“You wonder why I don’t call you my girlfriend?” Weiss said. “That’s because I would like to call you my wife.”

AAAAHSKLSGFELEFBEKNEFIHBSHSJDJJJJJ I’m crying, you’re crying, we’re all crying. Leslie Jones is officially deceased.

Like, REALLY deceased.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also deceased.

Everyone online? Deceased.

Congrats mates. Yours is the only on-stage proposal I’ll accept.