~Kooky~ feminist about town Emma Watson pulled a Peanuts and gave out life advice in New York City‘s Grand Central Terminal yesterday for the low, low price of $2 and talking to Derek Blasberg.

Just Emma Watson giving life advice in grand central station

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So let’s back it up a bit. What’s actually going on here, given that we have nothing more than a few social media posts to go on?

It looks like serial celebrity friender Derek Blasberg – whose bio swears he writes for Vanity Fair but whose Instagram is a nonstop celebrity name-drop – has teamed up with ol’ pal Emma to do a fun stunt for no clear reason.

Wearing the makeshift desk, Derek chilled in Grand Central Station (as the Terminal is usually but incorrectly called), collected the $2 fee, and directed customers to ask Emma Watson for life advice via Skype.

In the above and below pictures, we can see a mic, so apparently the whole thing is being filmed for something.

Where is the money going? Why is it being filmed? Did Emma Watson give good life advice and was any of it R-rated? There’s a vast sum of difference between “Does letting my girlfriend peg me make me gay?” and “I’m not sure what to get my mum for her birthday”, but it’s life advice all the same. (Answers: no, and take her out for a meal, you dingus.)

Undoubtably the whole thing will be revealed in the coming days.

Photo: Instagram / sslover.