Even though Emma Stone is a total twinkle-toes in Golden Globes smash La La Land, we now have video proof that perfect poise doesn’t always translate in real life. Not at all.

In a brief moment of life-affirming normalcy, Stone was captured trying to congratulate the flick’s mastermind Damien Chazelle, who’d just been given the nod for Best Director.

The resulting air-kiss probs wasn’t subject to the same choreographical scrutiny Chazelle oversaw:

Some amateurish lip-reading on our behalf reveals Stone said “that was weird, I’m sorry” immediately after puckering up to the void. Oh, and the woman who did successfully deliver a peck to Chazelle? His partner, Olivia Hamilton.

Social media reactions have been… well, expected: 

Doesn’t matter, won Best Actress – Comedy.

Source: Jarett Wieselman / Twitter.