Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is An Insta Influencer Now And We Have No Choice But To Stan

Remember how Eminem used to rap about his daughter Hailie and how much he very clearly doted on her? Well, she’s a fully-fledged adult human now and, I’m happy (?) to report that she’s an Instagram influencer now. But like, a wonderfully wholesome one.

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23-year-old (YEP) Hailie Jade’s Insta is a self-confessed curated feed of “accurately represents my life and is somehow still aesthetically pleasing”, filled with posed shots of her doing various things a twenty-something from Detroit would do if you had a professional photographer following you around and you called food “props”.

Every one of her posts is a delight; mostly her posed in nice clothes (which she links out to and admittedly gets a cut of if you buy it). She’s got two shiba inu pups! She hits the gym a bunch and shares her workouts! She posts inspirational quotes! She goes to Lollapalooza with her mates! She loves coffee! She leads a pretty stock-standard normal white girl life which she shares with her casual 1.7million followers.

Her content is like the most quintessential twenty-something basic binch influencer content and dammit, I love that for her. It’s like Hailie has beamed in from some bizarro parallel universe where she wasn’t the daughter of one of the most divisive rappers from the rough streets of Detroit.

Let’s have a look at some of this content, shall we?

Just laughing at a coffee, you know how it is!

Just fixing up some stray hairs!

Damn hair, still won’t behave! But now looking at the ocean!

Starting to think she doesn’t know what to do with her hands here.

Surely her roots must get oily from putting her fingers in there all the time?

Does Hailie have to wash her hair like three times a week?

I’ve come around again, I love the classic influencer pose of “oh you just caught me off-guard while I’m playing with my hair.”

Bless, Hailie is an angel. I hope she’s having a nice week, maybe onto her third coffee, and having a Good Hair Day.