The internet is still sifting through the yuuuuge amount of goodies released over the past weekend at Disney’s annual sneak-peak conference D23, with hot goss from the likes of The Avengers and Star Wars franchises now joined by a fresh new interview from Mary Poppins 2.0 herself, Emily Blunt.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight at the weekend’s conference, the British actress touched on her not-exactly-small fears surrounding taking over the beloved role made famous by Julie Andrews in the 1964 classic, in particular figuring out how the heck to dance:

“There’s a huge dance number, which was slightly intimidating for me. I think I did alright. I mean we did it 55 thousand times, so I hope they got something.”

Blunt had just left a fan event where some snippets of footage had been screened, and she touched on how the public reaction to her casting so far has helped allay her fears at taking on such an iconic role:

“The audience is so receptive and sweet and joyful, so they are the best kind of platform for you to launch a clip of your film. We just finished a month ago, so it’s still very real and present for me, and, you know, very new so it was very moving to see it with reacting like that.”

Disney is notoriously stingy on sharing these kind of fan-only events online, so much like with The Avengers‘ trailer, we only have ~inside goss~ to go on, but several reports note the biggest cheers of the weekend were over the Mary Poppins reveal, which also recieved a standing ovation. 

In passingly good news for us lowly internet-dwelling chumps though, Disney has coughed up this new motion poster thingy, which gives us our first front-on look at Blunt in full costume and whilst not film footage of any kind, it’s pretty nifty:

The ‘Mary Poppins‘ sequel is set to take the singing/dancing/flying babysitter into cinemas once again this December 2018.

Source: Entertainment Tonight.

Picture: Disney.