Elton John Might Be In The ‘Kingsman’ Sequel & Colin Firth Probably Is Too

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elton John is in talks to be in the sequel to 2015 hit film, ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, titled ‘Kingsman: A Golden Circle’

It’s not yet known what role John will play, or whether he will be playing himself. 
Currently the cast includes the OG ‘Eggsy‘, Taron Egerton, as well as Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal
However, another tidbit of casting gossip is a call from the grave. Colin Firth, who was murdered after a brutal and grisly homicidal montage in the first film, is rumoured to be appearing the second. Interesting. 
Source: THR.
Photo: Marv Films.