For His Latest Trick, Elon Musk Smoked A Fat Joint Live On Joe Rogan’s Show

Tesla CEO and certified loose cannon Elon Musk has frightened nervous investors yet again, after appearing on a live stream of comedian Joe Rogan‘s podcast and smoking a big fat joint.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

The 47-year-old sat down with Rogan for an expansive two-and-a-half-hour interview, covering topics from AI to flame-throwers to social media, before the host kicked back and started to smoke up.

“Is that a joint or is that a cigar?” asked Musk, as Rogan explained it was a mix of marijuana and tobacco. “I think I tried one once,” said the CEO with a nervous laugh.

The host responded with a classic peer pressure tactic, daring him to smoke some and saying “come on, man … you probably can’t cuz stockholders, right?”

From there, it was game on, and you can watch the exchange below:

After the clip went viral, Elon Musk clarified his company’s position on marijuana to The Guardian, saying that Tesla is fine if employees smoke in moderation:

“Our policy allows trace amounts of THC [an ingredient of cannabis] during work times, provided they are below the safety limit (much like a minimum alcohol level).”

Nonetheless, Tesla shareholders were not amused to see yet another impulsive act from the CEO, and shares dropped by 9% before closing down 6%.

This week also saw the exit of several senior Tesla staff, with new head of accounting Dave Morton announcing his resignation after less than a month in the job.

After the broadcast, head of human resources Gabrielle Toldeano told Bloomberg that she would not be returning from a leave of absence, causing the share price to drop further.

Musk caused jitters for shareholders last month when he announced, out of the blue, that he was planning to make the company private, before backtracking and saying it would remain public.

Earlier this week, he escalated his attacks on Vernon Unsworth, the British cave diver he accused of being a paedophile, calling him a “child rapist” in an email to a Buzzfeed reporter.

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