Elly Miles Didn’t Win The ’Bachie’s Heart, But She Might’ve Scored Her Own Reality TV Show

elly miles show

Bachie fans get ready because our favourite girl, Elly Miles might be about to get her own spin-off show. No, not just a spot on Bachie in Paradise, and ACTUAL show of her own. Huge, I know.

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Although she didn’t win Matt’s heart (honestly, he wasn’t even that great), Elly might’ve won herself another shot at reality TV fame, according to New Idea.

Now let me just preface this by saying we’re taking the news with an enormous grain of salt because it’s coming from an *anonymous source* with alleged insights at Network 10.

Apparently, producers want to “cash in” on the Elly fever that has swept across Australia, and are pretty keen to give the 25-year-old nurse a spin-off show.

“She’s so popular with viewers who love her down-to-earth Aussie spirit that they want to cash in on it,” the source told New Idea.

‘They will either include her family and film it in her country town of Parkes or they will include her BFF Nichole,” the source said. “With the girls both planning to move to Newcastle before the end of the year, it’s the perfect opportunity for some great post-Bachie life content.”

Honestly. Newcastle is an entertainment hub. I would pay good money to watch Elly getting brunch on Darby St and soaking up the sun at Nobby’s Beach on a Sunday arvo.

Elly has already launched a YouTube channel, where she documented her recent trip to London for the Spice Girls reunion tour, so she’s clearly not opposed to documenting her daily life for an audience.

She’s also commented that a potential Bachelorette appearance isn’t completely out of the question either.

“It would depend where I’m at the time, but I’d certainly give it consideration. If the offer did come up, I’d definitely consider it and yeah, I guess time will tell!”

Elly was a fan favourite, but I don’t think she was any more adored than previous fan faves like Tara Pavlovic or Heather Maltman. Honestly, if anyone was going to get a spin-off it’d be Keira Macguire, right? And if we’re talking girls from this season, surely Abbie would make for better TV.

We have no word from Elly or Network 10 on the potential spin-off, so it’s just a big ol’ rumour at this stage. But it’s pretty clear that the people want more Elly content, so who knows what’s on the cards in future.